Tuesday, February 28, 2012


St. Juventius & Maximus

Feastday: January 25
Died: 363

Martyred members of the imperial guard in the service of Emperor Julian the Apostate. When they protested the emperor’s edicts on the veneration of relics, they were arrested, scourged, and beheaded at Antioch, Syria. St. John Chrysostom wrote their eulogy.

 Died at Antioch, Syria, January 25, 363. Saint Juventius and Maximinus were footguards in the army of Julian the Apostate, who were martyred because they were overheard decrying the emperor's edicts against the veneration of relics during a campaign against the Persians. Called before Julian, they were stripped of their estates, scourged, and beheaded when they refused to recant and sacrifice to the gods. At risk to their own lives, other Christians stole away the bodies of the martyrs and, after Julian's death in Persia the following June, erected a magnificent tomb for the relics.

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